Glasgow Airport Sings Christmas

Dear William,

First, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas celebration.

It was very kind of you to send word following ‘Glasgow Airport Sings Christmas’ on 23rd December.

What a fine contribution you and the choir made to the occasion.   People have spoken to me about your contributions in glowing terms.

It was such a pleasure and joy to have you there.

It is an enormous privilege for me, as a Christian minister,  to be given the freedom to hold such an event in the airport.  It is not like that everywhere, as you would know.  I greatly value the trust  placed in by the management.   It provides an opportunity to present the real meaning of Christmas in a gentle ‘user friendly’ way.  And it works.    The crowd is always bigger than it looks because it is spread out over such a wide area.   Two senior members of the management team sent a text to me, both saying in their own way that they would not ever miss the event as it was the perfect start to their Christmas.   That makes it all worthwhile.

Please convey my thanks and deepest appreciation to all who attended – and make sure you include yourself!

Greetings, blessings, and my very wishes for 2017.

Kind regards



Commissioner Keith Banks

Chaplain: Glasgow Airport.